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Do you live your reality or your dreams?

This question is less trivial than it may seem.

'Living your reality' often means being trapped in something that has completely removed the substance and colour from your dreams. It means following habits and routines, writing lists of things to do, fulfilling all the duties of your days and running, like a hamster on a wheel, not getting anywhere.

Living your reality is often synonymous with doing, executing, concluding. But you often forget to ask yourself why you are doing what you do, why you are living this way, and above all, if it has meaning and value for you.

You may live a very ‘realistic’ life but this realistic life has probably become stagnant.

Living your dreams has a complete and different taste and a much deeper feeling.

When you live your dreams, you allow yourself to be different from who you are now, you dare to ignore your logical mind, you allow yourself to have faith in you and you give yourself permission to believe in something that does not yet exist.

Your energy is moving, but not in a closed circle, it is moving in a specific direction and that gives you a deep feeling of expansion and enthusiasm, even goose bumps.

Living your dreams does not mean being outside of reality, it means being in a greater reality: a possible reality. 

They who dream, if they dream properly, are strategists, not just dreamers, because at the very moment of imagining they are creating a new possible reality. 

The key ingredients to making the new reality happen are having indestructible confidence in your ability and total faith in the value of your vision to orchestrate people, resources and intuitions so that the dream can take more and more shape and definition, step by step, in the three dimensional reality in which you live.

What you call your reality is a space full of dreams someone dreamt before you.

The real joy of life is not fitting into someone else’s dreams, but creating your own dreams and living them, with deep emotion and passion.

When you allow yourself to do this, at least once, you know that living your reality is just a very simplistic and suffocating way of life. You are not here for that, you are here to dream and create a new reality all the time.

Your heart and your soul live to dream. And if you trust them they know how to guide you to turn your dreams into something you can touch and experience as real. 

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  • Satoshi, Kaizo 18/11/2017 12:12am (5 years ago)

    thank you so much seeing this has helped me believe that i can live in both realities but just living in my dreams is fine to live in my dreams as well.

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