I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Personal Life Coach passionate about the “Self”.

What I mean by Self is your inner and innate nature that contains your deep identity, something that goes beyond any simple role you fill in life.

Your identity is bigger than the personality you have developed through your many life experiences, but often we confuse the two and this confusion is the origin and the cause of considerable frustrations.

When in your life, you recognise signs of dissatisfaction; when, although you have achieved a lot, you feel incomplete or unhappy; when things you own fail to ignite your enthusiasm; when you are troubled, unhappy or alienated, it is your Self that is talking to you, telling you there is a gap between who you really are and who you are allowing yourself to be.

This uncomfortable feeling is your soul's way of alerting you that you are moving away from what you should experience in your life and you're not fully honouring the capacity, talents and aspirations you have.

This is like a warning light on the dashboard of your car that suggests you pay attention to a potential problem.

You can choose to ignore the message and continue on the path you are heading along (but I assure you that the problem won’t disappear by itself), or you can choose to pay attention to the message and understand why it has appeared.

A few years ago, my warning light went on and I didn’t know why. My life seemed to be so full and satisfying. I couldn’t imagine a better life that I could create for myself; I loved the intense and fulfilling pace of my life. Nonetheless, the light was on and I couldn't turn my eyes away. The check up lead me to create a different life. Now, there is no limit to the joy and the constant evolution that fills my world.

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Everything in your life is connected to the image of yourself that you have embraced and that you defend every day, from the confidence you own or don’t own in yourself, to the beliefs you have regarding your abilities. 

Your results in life reflect exactly who you believe you are (or are not).

This belief is irreparably influenced by how you have interpreted the experiences in your life.

You will not be free from conditioning your personal story until you become aware that this story is simply your personal understanding of the facts and until you are willing and able to distance yourself from this. 

All the work I do revolves around helping you understand who you are behind your conditioning. Because when you truly connect with yourself, your innate potential is fully available to you, and no extra effort is needed to make it work for your life. You have to let go of any justification you have created not to use your innate potential fully.  

I know how to help you leverage your aspirations, your desire for meaning and purpose and the talents and gifts you own. I also know how to help you quickly let go your emotional blocks, the traumas and the limiting beliefs that are negatively affecting your potential. I’m a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and I use Marisa Peer’s proven method based on hypnosis, PNL and psychotherapy to free you from your problems in just a few sessions. 

When you finally let go of the inner convictions that make you feel unsuitable, insecure, different, not capable, then you will finally and easily get the joy and success you dream of and the financial return that is naturally linked to that. You can do this by simply being yourself, in an authentic and complete way, beyond any doubt, limit and fear.

"Know yourself" is really the first and most exciting step I invite you to take with me!

If these words resonate with you I invite you to continue to explore the pages of my website where you will find suggestions and proposals to begin this magic exploration of yourself.